Award to El Salvador’s Bitcoin City

New Bitcoin-focused projects continue to come from El Salvador, the first country to accept the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a legal payment unit. Bitcoin City, where the BTC-friendly country shared its plans in the past months, was deemed worthy of the international design award.

The LOOP Design Awards is an annual award with the mission of becoming one of the most prestigious and well-known design awards in the fields of architecture, interior, landscape, product, architectural photography and architectural video. LOOP is recognized as an open platform for creativity and talent. The LOOP Design Awards noted that this year the El Salvador government recognized Bitcoin City as one of its most outstanding projects in interior design and architecture. Once completed, El Salvador’s Bitcoin City will use the energy released from the metropolitan Conchagua volcano to power itself. Bitcoin (BTC) will be used as currency in the city.

According to the latest developments, El Salvador’s Bitcoin City has come to the fore among 700 offers. While the jury summed up its innovative interior style, the surrounding beautiful nature and nearby volcanoes were also successfully expressed. Bitcoin City will be built in a region in the southeast of the Latin American country near the country’s two largest volcanoes, Conchagua and Tecapa. Mexican architect Fernando Romero, the designer of the project, stated that the metropolis of the future will be “efficient and sustainable” and that geothermal energy from volcanoes will be used to power it.

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