Avalanche Announces An Important Update For Developers

While the recession in the crypto market continues, developers continue to work at full speed. Avalanche developers, one of the biggest competitors of smart contract platform Ethereum, brought a new update to AvalancheGo, the application of the blockchain network in Go software language.

The new update, called Banff 5, will allow direct communication between Avalanche Warp Messaging networks. Thanks to the new feature, developers who prepare projects on Avalanche will have the opportunity to communicate with each other more easily and share subnet data among themselves.

Patrick O’Grady, one of the executives of Ava Labs, the parent company of the AVAX project, believes that with the development of Avalanche Warp Messaging, project producers can benefit from each other more easily. Avalanche developers used two different networks (Go and Rust) before the Banff 5 update.

The use of two different software languages by the project developers caused the communication with each other to be blocked in one place. With the Banff 5 update, developers will no longer have to create their own subnet bridges. Avalanche’s native token AVAX has been trading in parallel with the cryptocurrency market in recent days.

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