Ava Labs CEO Talks About DeFi and TradFi

Emin Gun Sirer, CEO of Avalanche’s (AVAX) parent company Ava Labs, made statements regarding DeFi and TradFi at Davos 2023.

Davos 2023 continues intensely with the leading names of the global economy and blockchain technology. The forum, which will run until January 20, brings together more than 2,700 participants. Ava Labs CEO and co-founder Emin Gun Sirer made statements about DeFi and TradFi at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. Sirer stated that it is necessary to move to a working environment rather than a conflict environment.

Emin Gun Sirer, co-founder and CEO of Ava Labs, attended Davos 2023. In an interview with Cointelegraph here, Sirer touched upon the role and benefits of the DeFi industry in TradFi ecosystems. Sirer stated that the DeFi and TradFi sectors are interconnected and it is meaningless to create an environment of conflict. The CEO of Ava Labs explained that the aim of DeFi is to complement TradFi rather than conflict it.

Sirer said the DeFi industry brings people services that TradFi cannot offer, especially when it comes to democratized access to financial services and platforms. Believing that the two sectors will come together, Sirer said:

“There are many of us who dedicate our careers to scientific development in the blockchain space. We have taken all the necessary steps to resolve governance issues, scalability issues to solve the compliance issues facing the field.”

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