Australia Overtakes El Salvador in Crypto ATMs

Global use of crypto is on the rise. Increasing in popularity, cryptocurrencies have become an industry where millions of people are concentrated. In particular, there has also been an increase in the adoption rates of cryptocurrencies. In the growing and developing crypto ecosystem, it is aimed that people interact with cryptocurrencies more efficiently. In this context, crypto ATMs around the world are increasing day by day. Australia has moved up to fourth place with the number of crypto ATMs it has multiplied in recent months. El Salvador surprised him by falling to fifth place.

Australia has installed 99 crypto ATMs in the last three months, reaching 219 active crypto ATMs. With this development, Australia managed to surpass El Salvador with 7 crypto ATMs. The increase in crypto usage rates also enables crypto ATMs to become widespread globally. The USA is the leader in this field. On the other hand, Canada stands out as the second country with the most crypto ATMs.

Accelerating its initiatives towards the end of the year, Spain took the third place thanks to the crypto ATMs it established. This move by Spain pushed back El Salvador, who was third in 2021. El Salvador was unable to multiply its crypto ATMs as things did not go as expected. This led Australia to overtake the Bitcoin country as well. Finally, the number of crypto ATMs globally reached 38,602. This amount is expected to increase further in the future.

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