Metaverse and "Play to Earn" tokens, which marked the last quarter of 2021, gave great buying opportunities due to the fall of Bitcoin.

Let's take a look at the critical levels of metaverse cryptocurrencies, which are expected to see the highest rise as Bitcoin gives confidence to the market.

What Are the Critical Levels for Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Axie Infinity coin, which is at $ 75.55 at the time of publication, has experienced a decrease of more than 50% from the ATH level. The last time AXS, which has a major uptrend, received a reaction by touching this trend, it had an increase of 700% in 23 days.

axs tether-1

In the coming days, AXS, which may be affected by the decline of BTC, may regress and start a hard rally again from the intersection of horizontal resistance and rising trend support. There are heavy buyers at these levels in AXS, whose $ 40 levels are stated as critical support.

What Are the Critical Levels for Star Atlas (ATLAS)?

ATLAS, which launched its new game in the past weeks, won the appreciation of investors. Star Atlas project, which managed to reveal a large space universe, promises to be successful with its realistic game style.

Atlas Usd

Star Atlas coin ATLAS, which fell to the level of $ 0.077, experienced a 70% decrease from the ATH level. ATLAS, which received support from the levels of $ 0.073 - $ 0.077, may experience a sharp rise with Bitcoin going up again.

Considering that the $0.082 resistance and the $0.088 resistance are critical levels, ATLAS needs to create a setup to bounce back from these levels. At the end of September, he could not create a setup in ATLAS, which had a comeback by creating a "W" formation. As of the publication time of the article, it is trading at $ 0.817.