Ascenders is a sci-fantasy action-RPG style game with a fully decentralized, player-driven economy powered by the Avalanche Blockchain.

Avalanche is the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time to certainty, and has the most validators to ensure the effectiveness of any proof-of-stake protocol. Avalanche (AVAX) is seen as a suitable platform for a blockchain game with its fast, low cost, environmental features.


Metaverse Announces Ascenders Beta and $1 Million Prize

Role-playing game Ascenders, built on the Avalanche blockchain, made a big announcement during the Avalanche (AVAX) Summit.

Ascenders is an open world story-based game with a decentralized economy. Additionally, the game features a dual token economy and player-generated NFTs. The Ascenders ecosystem offers players countless competitive and trading opportunities. Players can choose from a variety of roles and specialize in those roles with their struggles and resources.


In Ascender Ascender you can explore resources, build terrain and join the battle. The game is based on a player-oriented economy. That is, players have full control over the supply and demand of resources in the game.

Jackson Poon, CEO of Legendary Foundry Limited, announced the release of the first version of Ascenders, which will be free to play and will have a prize pool of up to $1 million paid in AGC tokens.

Overworld includes different terrains with features, different challenges, resources and enemies. Players can explore the Overworld for resources that can be used to mine NFT items. Meanwhile, in Dungeons, areas serve as periodic tournaments that allow players to compete on the PvEvP leaderboards for rare and valuable resources. Players can further explore deep dungeons to get rewards for minting NFT items. Dungeons are full of enemies and must be cleared before community building can begin.