Artificial Intelligence: “Solana Will Rise In January”

Solana, one of the most popular products of the crypto money industry recently, has been on the rise as of now, although it has lost value sharply due to the bankruptcy of FTX in the past period.

SOL, which managed to get a strong reaction from the $ 8 support thanks to the statements of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, again made its investors hope. Although there are still great dangers for the Solana ecosystem, the rise in price allows these dangers to be minimized.

Machine learning algorithms at PricePredictions, an artificial intelligence program, predicted the price of Solana (SOL) to be $13.73 by January 31, 2023, based on data received on Jan.

As of now, Solana is trading at $13.29. If the prediction of artificial intelligence is correct, SOL will gain 5 percent more value within 1 month. Solana, which peaked at $14.22 as of yesterday, has experienced a decrease of nearly 10 percent from this peak point. Although the SOL is trying to hold on to the support of $ 13, Bitcoin’s movements are of great importance.

In particular, the leading cryptocurrency BTC, which is faced with seller pressure again today, may experience sharp decreases in altcoins if it cannot start a new upward trend in the future.

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