Artificial Intelligence SingularityNET (AGIX) Increases by 1,100% in 2023

AGIX, the native token of SingularityNET, which operates in the artificial intelligence sector, draws attention with its rapid rise from the bottom level in recent days. AGIX became the most rising cryptocurrency among the top 100 cryptocurrencies. After the recent rise of AGIX, it was seen that the coin retraced its losses in the bearish momentum that started in early March.

While the leap of the SingularityNET token in the last days comes with the recovery in the market, the fact that the crypto money has been appreciated much above the average with an upward performance of up to 80% in the last 4 days is attributed to the fact that the artificial intelligence industry has been in the spotlight in the last few days.

On the other hand, today’s jump was attributed by some to Elon Musk’s latest tweet. Musk shared a visual with Singularity on Twitter. Musk, who had an important share in the rise of crypto money, especially with shares related to Dogecoin in the past, is known to increase volatility in cryptocurrencies by sending it this way from time to time. Although Musk’s post about Singularity is not a clear message, it is associated with the AGIX token.

With the entry of 2023, interest in artificial intelligence projects has increased worldwide. In the coming days, we will be able to see whether Elon Musk’s interest in artificial intelligence will extend to the crypto assets of the projects working in this field. AGIX, the presence of SingularityNET operating in the artificial intelligence sector, has also had a tremendous upward performance with an increase of 1.100% since the beginning of the year due to this interest.

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