Arthur Hayes Is Stocking This Altcoin

Arthur Hayes, the founder of BitMEX, has been on the agenda of the crypto money industry with some of his recent purchases.

According to data provider Look On-Chain, Arthur Hayes has started storing the altcoin named LOOKS. Hayes’ acquisitions of LOOKS, the native cryptocurrency of NFT exchange LooksRare, took a serious leap forward. Arthur Hayes currently has 17 million LOOKS in his portfolio. Although this amount may seem low, Hayes has actually managed to become the biggest investor in LOOKS with his recent acquisitions.

Declining demand for NFTs has taken a toll on LooksRare. Successful manager Hayes thinks that NFTs will reach very different levels in the next bull cycle. For this reason, Hayes, who has been storing LOOKS, seems to have made a critical investment.

The presence of an important crypto actor such as Arthur Hayes behind LOOKS may, of course, enable this product to experience much more serious rises in the coming period. Hayes, who has stated many times that he will not sell LOOKS and GMX for a long time, will he continue to make new purchases? It will become clear in time…

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