Argo Blockchain Steps Up In Bitcoin Production

Argo Blockchain has mined more Bitcoins than last month despite the mining network difficulty. Thanks to this, the company was able to increase its mining income in February.

Despite the network difficulty, Argo Blockchain mined more Bitcoin and the company increased its revenue in February. During the month of February, Argo mined 162 Bitcoins or Bitcoin Equivalents, or 5.7 BTC per day. This is a 7 percent increase over the 5.4 BTC daily generated in January 2023. The company managed to achieve this increase in daily BTC production despite a 10 percent increase in average network difficulty in February compared to the previous month. Seif El-Bakly, Argo’s Interim CEO, made the following statement on the subject:

โ€œI am proud of the team that increased our average daily Bitcoin production in February despite the increase in average network difficulty compared to January. This is a testament to the hard work put in by our technology and operations teams. We continue to focus on strengthening our internal business processes and striving for operational excellence.โ€

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