Ardoino: “Bitcoin Bonds Coming This Summer”

Speaking at the ongoing Blockchain Week in Paris, Paolo Ardoino pointed to the summer months for the long-awaited Bitcoin bonds.

While the Bitcoin bonds announced by El Salvador President Nayib Bukele in November 2021 and stated that they will be issued in March 2022, still keep the investors waiting, an important announcement came from Paolo Ardoino on the subject. Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether and Bitfinex companies, known for his close ties, spoke at Blockchain Week in Paris and said that El Salvador has prepared the necessary laws for bonds, and that he thinks the bonds will be issued sometime between June and September.

However, Ardoino provided another important piece of information, stating that bonds can be issued in the form of digital investment contracts:

“When the idea of issuing Bitcoin bonds was introduced, the US Treasury bond rates were much lower. However, currently the yield on Treasuries is 4.5%. It will be very difficult to sell 7% bonds with these figures. The returns we get from investors are that the bonds are sold more like the shares of an energy company or Bitcoin mining company.”

As it is known, El Salvador made an agreement with Bitfinex on the issue of bonds. The Latin American country declared Bitcoin the official currency in September of 2021.

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