Arcane Research, which published a detailed report summarizing the year 2021 and stating its expectations for 2022, stated in the report that 2021 is an altcoin year and 2022 will be the year of small altcoins in terms of market value.

In the Arcane Research report, in which it was stated that inflation will continue next year, it was noted that XRP and Cardano would also be out of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

   “Inflation will continue to rise and Bitcoin will continue to surpass the S&P 500”

After the 22-item 2022 expectations for the crypto money market shared by the famous investor Ric Edelman, the report of the blockchain research company Arcane Resaerch also made a sound.

Institutional adaptation was also emphasized in the report, which stated that Bitcoin experienced a tremendous rise thanks to the monetary policies implemented in the world with the coronavirus epidemic. It was predicted that Bitcoin increased by 73% and the S&P 500 increased by 28% and this correlation would continue.

   “So if the stock market continues to rise, it is highly likely that Bitcoin will overtake it. However, in case of a market decline, Bitcoin's decline will be more than the S&P 500."

Bitcoin vs S&P 500

“BNB is the winner of 2021, the losers of 2022 are XRP and Cardano”

The report also listed the best performing altcoins of the year. While drawing attention to the 1340% increase of BNB, it was written that XRP and Cardano will fall from among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in 2022.

xrp ada

   “2021 has been a long year of altcoins. Many coins have risen more than Bitcoin. NFT and metaverse narratives marked the autumn months in particular. The NFT craze has caused huge transaction fees on the Ethereum network. This led the market to turn more towards tier-1 tokens. They are the winners of 2021, which has a medium market value. The index of these coins has increased by 830%. We predict that the 'Small coin index in terms of market value', which brought an increase of 485% this year, will be the winner of 2022"

Alternative layer-1 networks will continue to dwarf ETH

While ETH, which has gained 455 percent this year, has surpassed BTC, which has increased by 73 percent, other layer-1 blockchain networks have also eclipsed ETH. Layer-1 refers to base layer blockchain networks. Terra Luna is on its way to close this year with a value increase of 14,823 percent and Phantom by 13,549 percent.

Layer1s USD

Traditional game companies will add NFTs

NFT sales were one of the events that marked this year. Blockchain games like Splinterlands and Alien Worlds have reached around 526,000 daily active users, according to DappRadar data. Arcane predicts that in 2022 traditional gaming brands will enter the NFT space and benefit from the emerging market.

In the report, where it is stated that the Fear and Greed Index also offers many buying opportunities throughout 2021, it is written that this situation will continue in 2022.