Arbitrum & Optimism Competition Heats Up

The rivalry between Arbitrum and Optimism, one of the most popular Ethereum layer-2 solutions, is getting hotter day by day. Optimism continued to grow despite Arbitrum’s launch of the native token ARB recently. The Twitter account, which shared the data on the Optimism platform, made a post reflecting the parabolic increase in the number of wallet addresses.

“#Optimism unique users are exploding in parabolic way @optimismFND going super-chain is around the corner and nobody knows how high this can reach”

Despite the end of the NFT distribution for incentive purposes in the past months, the increase in the number of wallets reveals that the competition continues at full speed. The fact that transfer fees are lower than other competitors may be the most important reason for the interest in the ecosystem.

Compared to the increasing number of wallets, gas usage on the on-chain data Optimism network decreased. This data is interpreted by on-chain analysts as declining network activity.

On-chain data provider Token Terminal has shared another chart confirming the downturn in the event. According to Token Terminal, the drop in the overall fee has also resulted in reduced revenues.

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