Arbitrum (ARB) Announcement from Binance

Binance has announced that Arbitrum, its Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, will list its own token, ARB. In the statement made by the exchange, it was noted that token spot transactions could start on March 23, although it is not certain. The ARB token will initially be traded in Bitcoin and USDT pairs. It has been informed that users will be able to start depositing ARB tokens as of the time specified on March 23, and withdrawals may start on March 24, although it is not certain. In the statement, it was also stated that ARB will be opened in isolated leveraged transactions, 48 hours after listing, in ARB / USDT parity.

Apart from Binance, Bybit and Huobi exchanges have also announced that they will list ARB tokens on March 23. According to blockchain analytics firm Nansen, the number of addresses that will benefit from the ARB token airdrop has exceeded 600 thousand.

Arbitrum (ARB) price was recorded as $10.13 at the time of writing. ARB has seen a 3.66% increase in price over the past 24 hours.

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