Apple’s WWDC 2023 Invitation to VR Professionals

Technology giant Apple has been working on a mixed reality headset for a long time. New developments continue to occur about this mixed reality title, which Apple has not yet announced.

As it is known, Apple organizes WWDC event in June of every year. At the WWDC events organized by Apple, the company’s new software is being introduced. For the WWDC 2023 event, which will be held on June 5, Apple has started sending out invitations.

Apple is known for carefully selecting people to invite to events. Among the people invited by Apple for the WWDC 2023 event are Ian Hamilton from UploadVR and some important names operating in the VR field. Of course, a technology company can invite such names to its event, but Apple invites such names in connection with the products or services it will announce at the event.

This move by Apple may herald the mixed reality headset that the company has been working on for a long time. According to the information conveyed by the sources, Apple’s mixed reality headset will have the name Reality Pro. It is claimed that the device, which will come with two micro-OLED displays with 4K resolution, will be powered by two Apple M2 processors. At this point, Apple’s M2 processors are used in the company’s most powerful Mac computers and iPad models. With the new mixed reality title to be introduced, Apple will also step into the world of the metaverse, one of the popular topics of recent times.

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