Wozniak announced that he continues to make some Bitcoin purchases using a Coinbase account. The famous name previously stated that he sold all the Bitcoins he bought in the early days of the market for experimental purposes. He argues that current Bitcoin investments are not for big gains.

   "I can't come up with any math for this. I just feel that the interest in crypto is so high, so I put a lot of money in my Coinbase wallet and it just sits there."

The former Apple executive has been a staunch BTC supporter for a long time. In another recent interview with Business Insider, he described Bitcoin as the only cryptocurrency with a "pure gold meta". He noted that he does not have the trust of other cryptocurrencies.

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Wozniak also advocated the high energy use of Bitcoin. He claimed that Bitcoin, like other mechanisms, uses only as much energy as it is worth.

Wozniak's Bitcoin prediction is a figure frequently cited by many other Bitcoin supporters. The famous name thinks that BTC will reach 100 thousand dollars in the long run.

   "I wanted to try and learn all about it then Bitcoin went up. I was scared and sold all my Bitcoins except one Bitcoin. It went up twice and made me money. Recently I think Bitcoin will go up to $100,000."

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor also has even higher expectations for BTC price in the long run. Saylor says at every opportunity that Bitcoin will eventually overtake the gold market with more adoption. Recently, he reiterated that the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war will accelerate Bitcoin adoption.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also attended, who shared that the Wozniak cryptocurrency market will continue to grow. Similarly, Anthony Scaramucci, CEO of SkyBridge Capital, another crypto bull, claims that BTC will one day reach $500,000.

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Bitcoin (BTC), which has had a hard time due to high inflation data and the conditions caused by the Russia-Ukraine war, is trying to pass the resistance at $ 40 thousand. According to the report published by analytics data firms, BTC on-chain data predicts a price increase in the short term. Bitcoin is currently at a key support level at $38,500. Data provided by crypto data platform IntoTheBlock shows a massive accumulation of Bitcoin between the $37,900 and $39,000 price levels.

According to the data, approximately 1.36 million Bitcoin addresses have accumulated a total of 750 thousand BTC between $ 37,900 and $ 39 thousand. After falling below $38,400 late yesterday, the accumulation frenzy could add momentum to Bitcoin price as BTC climbs above $40,000. Meanwhile, the number of addresses holding at least 0.1 BTC reached 3.3 million, setting a new record. According to Santiment, whales are accumulating USDT to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum from the bottom. The total value of stablecoins at addresses with balances from 10,000 USDT to 1 million USDT increased by $1.06 billion last month. This represents a 2.7 percent increase in the total supply of Tether.