The cryptocurrency industry has survived the Federal Reserve earthquake with minor injuries and abrasions for now. After the interest rate decision announced by the FED Chairman, BTC went into recovery mode again, but the panic may not be over.

Altcoin Sherpa, who has a place in the industry as an altcoin expert, has published his own opinion on the subject. Stating that he is still “bullish” at the moment, the analyst emphasized that there will be a danger if the levels of $ 36,000 to $ 37,000 are lost despite this. The analyst said that although he reminded that each of these bearish movements continued with the rise, the risk continued.

   "$BTC: Although I'm still cautiously bullish until we lose 36-37k on HTF charts, it's important to note that every single 1 of these moves has quickly retraced. A few observations, though... #Bitcoin"


Sherpa reminded that there were great movements in February and March, but subsequent increases were observed. The analyst still has expectations between $50,000 and $55,000 and states that the decline will only come after that.

Sherpa also said something about the altcoin that everyone has been talking about lately. Sherpa reviewed the ApeCoin (APE) chart. Stating that he saw 2 results in this chart, the analyst emphasized that the first one was a V-shaped return. According to the analyst, with the realization of this, the price can see the $ 19-20 band. The second option is horizontal for a while at the $15-17 level and then a more sustainable rise. The analyst's prediction was in favor of the first move.

In such a case, the analyst, who was waiting for the APE price to rise above $ 19, gave a very good signal. Of course, for this, BTC also needs to be allowed.

   "$APE: There are 2 outcomes here IMO: 1 is a V shaped reversal to the 19-20s and price dumps big after. The second is a longer sustainable HTF bottom where price chops between 15-17 for a while and then we see a more sustained move. I'm leaning more towards the first one. #APECOIN"