Antcliff: GameFi Domain Will Be One of Web3’s Carrier Industries

Blockchain Economy Summit is taking place in the UK, with the participation of top officials of the largest crypto companies and Blockchain startups. The summit, which started yesterday, has more than 3,000 attendees from over 65 countries, while officials from 70 leading companies are discussing the future of Blockchain and the crypto space. At the summit, crypto industry experts also gave their predictions for the next popular trends in the industry.

Daniel Antcliff, Head of Business Development and Operations at, predicts that the next emerging trend will be shaped by privacy and managed identities. Daniel Antcliff thinks that companies that can manage their own identities and provide privacy in this area can come to an important place instead of companies that sell users’ data for high amounts and make serious profits from it. Daniel Antcliff, Head of Business Development and Operations at, also believes that the decentralized gaming industry (GameFi) will come to an important place in the industry. Anticipating that the GameFi space will be one of the carrier sectors of Web3, Antcliff thinks that the industry is at the very beginning of the road.

On the other hand, Peter Stilwell, Coinbase EMEA Business Development Officer, talked about the 2023 trends he predicted, while highlighting decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), GameFi and privacy. While Peter Stilwell predicts that mass adoption of DAOs will increase in 2023, he also thinks that important steps will be taken in the payments sector.

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