Another Move from Apple to Metaverse

Apple introduced the Vision Pro, the first mixed reality glasses expected to usher in a whole new era on June 5. While the “real capabilities” of the glasses, which are announced to be released next year, were eagerly awaited, another news came from the company today. The company has incorporated an AR company, proving again how seriously it takes augmented reality. Moreover, it was shared that this company is “Mira”, which produces headgears for the US military and other companies. The acquisition in question was first heard by The Verge with a post from Mira CEO’s Instagram account. With the spread of the news, Apple also confirmed the purchase by sharing a statement on the subject.

What exactly the agreement between Apple and Mira covers is still a mystery. Details such as whether Mira completely joined Apple in the said purchase, whether it will now only work for Apple, how much the purchase cost, are currently a secret. The only detail shared is that at least 11 Mira employees have joined Apple.

Mira had previously worked with the US Air Force and the US Navy in a $702,000 deal. The company used the new Prism Pro title in its work with the Air Force, and said that with this title, the most critical information could be presented to the pilot instantly.

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