Animoca Brands Announces Mocaverse’s First NFTs

The world-famous Web3 game company Animoca Brands announced the NFT collection of the open world metaverse universe “Mocaverse”, for which it acquired the copyrights on December 15, 2022. The Hong Kong-based company announced in an official statement that the PFP NFT collection was made to support the company’s Web3 ecosystem and metaverse-centric projects. The Mocaverse NFT collection will represent the shared values and ethics of Animoca Brands, portfolio companies and partners. In the statement, it was stated that the NFT collection will be released in the first quarter of 2023.

The Mocaverse collection will consist of 8,888 pieces. The characters that will belong to 5 different teams were named “Moca”. Names of teams; There will be Dreamers, Builders, Angels, Connectors and Neo-Capitalists. It was also announced that each of the teams will represent personalities who have made a difference on Web3. Mocaverse will be divided into 4 different realms and each will be the main pillar of the collection. The names of these columns will be “learn”, “play”, “build” and “do good”. The realms will function as a space for users to exchange ideas, seek new information, and grow as a community.

Owners of Mocas will also enjoy various benefits of membership. These include ‘learn’, ‘learn together’ (like expert AMAs), ‘play’, play together (via special game entry tickets and in-game assets), ‘build’, build together (acceleration programs), and ‘do good’ ” will be organizing nice events together (organizing and contributing to social problems).

Mocaverse is designed for Animoca Brands’ subsidiaries, partners and other projects in the ecosystem to communicate more strongly. Animoca Brands’ portfolio is constantly growing and has already numbered more than 380 projects. Focusing on the web3 industry, the company’s portfolio includes projects from blockchain games to e-sports, from various platforms to marketplaces. Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands, said the following about Mocaverse:

“Animoca Brands’ community spans the globe and the open metaverse. Mocaverse only includes developers and leaders among our family and friends who are shaping the Web3 culture and creating the future of this space. Mocaverse strengthens the connections between our teams and portfolio while creating a more synergetic community. and an opportunity to create new ways to build the next great projects and platforms.”

Mocaverse NFTs are currently reserved exclusively for the Animoca Brands family and circle of friends. Among those who can get a Moca NFT are:

  • Institutional and retail investors of Animoca Brands
  • Employees of Animoca Brands and its subsidiaries
  • Management teams of companies in Animoca Brands’ Web3 investment portfolio
  • Partners of Animoca Brands

Also, eligibility criteria for Mocaverse will be announced later. There will be separate paid and free mint quotas for eligible people. The company said it’s emailing people who are eligible. However, they also announced that they should contact them if they are eligible but did not receive an e-mail.

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