Despite the fluctuating movements of BTC, the leader of the cryptocurrency market, popular crypto analyst Merten claims that the altcoin movement will begin soon.

Popular crypto analyst Nicholas Merten said in a statement to his followers that he thinks Bitcoin will open the door to rise for altcoins in the coming days. Merten expects great activity in 2022, especially in altcoins.


   “My biggest focus here is that as we move towards the bull market, a particularly fast trend is evident in all kinds of financial assets such as stocks, commodities and forex markets. And with more liquidity, more capital appears to be coming. Wherever Bitcoin goes, altcoins will take action as the industry moves fast and capital comes in."

The popular crypto analyst is examining the existence of a super cycle for altcoin prices in 2022, and four cryptocurrencies that could potentially capture higher values ​​for big gains.

aave merten

The famous name also stated that there are specific altcoins that will act with the capital that will come in the coming days. Putting Aave at the top of these, Merten stated that the AAVE/BTC parity achieved a 63% rally in a short time, implying that there is a near 50% chance of rising for the decentralized finance protocol.

uni merten

Merten also drew attention to another cryptocurrency that remained in the background. According to Merten, Uniswap (UNI) has been in consolidation for some time and may soon be on the rise. Having achieved a 13% rise in a short time, UNI can reach a record level of $44, according to the analyst. For this, an increase of close to 100% is required.

yfi merten

Another cryptocurrency that Merten expects to rise in the super altcoin cycle is Yearn.Finance (YFI). Stating that YFI has increased by 60% in the last 12 days, the analyst expects $50,000 for YFI.