Crypto Banter content producer said that he expects a parabolic move for these altcoins in December and stated that the cryptos in question offer a great buying opportunity.

“If you are looking for the best Altcoins to buy right now, this show is for you,” the analyst wrote on the channel. He shared his views with his followers.

Some of the altcoins mentioned in the channel are;

Anchor Protocol (ANC)

Anchor, a savings protocol that accepts Terra deposits, allows instant withdrawals, and pays depositors a low volatility interest rate, stands out as the first altcoin on the list.

   “Although you can benefit from the Anchor Protocol in other ways, Anchor's core product is, so to speak, a savings protocol that gives you a 19.47% annual return on your UST deposits.”

According to the Crypto Banter channel, the Anchor Protocol (ANC) is promising both in terms of staking income and token earnings.

Kilt Protocol (KILT)

KILT is an open-source protocol for issuing assertively verifiable, retrievable, and anonymous credentials. KILT comes second on the list.

   “KILT has a huge advantage going forward and will be one of the most important projects in the entire Polkadot ecosystem”.

You can securely store many of your data, including identity information, and access all your data easily. There will be a great need for such data safes in the Web 3 world, but it is necessary to investigate the reliability of the project.

Boba Network (BOBA)

The project developed by the Enya team provides a solution to Ethereum's scaling problem. Layer2 initiatives have attracted a lot of attention this year, but judging by the statements made by Vitalik last night, they may not be needed in the near future.

Of course, analysts do not go into this detail. Boba Network (BOBA), one of Ethereum's first Optimistic Rollup solutions, has reached a TVL power of 1 billion dollars. The native cryptocurrency BOBA was launched last week and has grown more than 5x to date. If Ethereum continues to delay mainnet improvements, the BOBA price may increase for a while due to the emerging need.