Analyst: ‘After Ethereum Cancun upgrade’

Although the crypto money market is rising after the XRP decision, it continues its stagnant price movement. In particular, the inability of altcoins to make the expected increase and the decrease in volumes reduce the appetite of investors. As the process progresses, one of the popular analysts InvestAnswers shared its long-term price forecast for Solana (SOL).

The popular analyst stated that Ethereum’s Cancun upswing could be the trigger for Solana’s rise. Based on the idea that there may be a significant increase in the price of ETH after the upgrade, InvestAnswers thinks that this may also push the SOL price up;

According to Blofin, after the Ethereum Cancun upgrade, the price could exceed $9,700 per ETH in Q1 2024. This price prediction is the most positive. So what will happen to the SOL price if the ETH price rises to this level? I calculated it for you, in which case Solana will be at least $250.

Solana (SOL) price is trading above the $25 level as of writing. Positive opinions continue about SOL, which is among the 5 altcoins that have risen after the Ripple SEC Case decision. When the new upward movement in altcoin prices comes, it can take its place among the attention-grabbing ones.

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