Analyst: These Altcoins Could Rise Soon

Crypto analyst Ben Armstrong reacted to the impressive price that XRP showed recently. Armstrong hinted that the recent price action of cryptocurrencies was probably driven by insiders with some positive news that has not yet been made public.

“You think $XRP pumps like this for no reason? Insiders always front run news. The only question is what is the news?”

XRP, which started a rally by rising to the level of $ 0.49 during the day, led to speculation about a possible decision in the long-standing legal battle between the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple, according to reports.

On the other hand, the reason for the rapid rise is probably the xCORE airdrop planned for XRP holders by the Sologenic Development Foundation. As highlighted by pro-XRP attorney Bill Morgan, Sologenic’s SOLO token also experienced a similar price increase over the same period.

“What about the fact Sologenic built on the XRPL pumped the same time at the same rate of increase as XRP. An on demand tokenisation ecosystem built on the XRPL. Just a coincidence.”

Specifically, to commemorate the launch of the enterprise blockchain, project Coreum, which was originally built on the XRP Ledger, announced that the xCORE airdrop will be handing out XRP and SOLO holders. Coreum has set March 24 for the snapshot, and the distribution will take place on May 15.

Bitboy claims that Zero-Knowledge altcoin projects can mark the year 2023.

Zero-Knowledge cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more attention in the crypto world. One of the analysts who touched on this issue at BitBoy. The first altcoin on the analyst’s list appears as Polygon (MATIC). Referring to Immutable X (IMX) after Polygon, which came to the fore with its major partnerships, the name became one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of the week with an increase of 33%.

Another altcoin mentioned by the analyst is MINA, which is the target of Bitcoin whales. In addition, Bitboy, which also transfers Optimism (OP), gives high points to these cryptocurrencies. Stating that the concept of projects can be complex to explain and less visually appealing than other projects, the analyst believes, however, that the potential benefits of zero-knowledge altcoin projects will attract crypto users in the long run.

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