Analyst: There Could Be a 2015-like Recovery for Bitcoin

Analyst Van de Poppe is known for his price predictions, which have hit their mark many times in the past. According to Poppe, who draws attention to 2015, a similar recovery may occur this year. Poppe states that the price experienced a similar squeeze before the ‘halving’ event in 2016 and that another ‘halving’ event will occur in April next year.

Poppe suggests that Bitcoin’s market correction has ended and will now retest the higher ranges. According to the analyst, this could cause Bitcoin to rise more than 70% from its current value. Poppe states that Bitcoin may rise to $45,000. Predicting that the price will rise to $32,141 next month, Poppe predicts that there will be a subsequent withdrawal and the price will drop to $28,700.

According to Poppe, if volumes rise above $100 billion per day again, a medium and long-term bullish scenario may occur in Bitcoin. However, otherwise, it is predicted that Bitcoin’s price may continue with shallow movements.

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