Analyst: “The Solana Project Is Not Dead”

The anonymous server of popular cryptocurrency analyst and strategist InvestAnswers said that Solana, which is cited as the strongest Ethereum competitor, is still a viable project despite being hit hard by falling nearly 95 percent from its all-time high.

In a new video, the host of InvestAnswers told more than 440,000 YouTube subscribers that the bustling development activity in Solana is a sign that its fundamentals are still strong, regardless of SOL’s current price. The analyst said that despite being one of the projects most affected by the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, Solana’s ecosystem still outperforms many other top cryptocurrencies.

“Here we are. Solana is still ticking. ‘Every block is a ticking clock’, no matter what they say. SOL is still there, it’s alive. People are still busy developing it. It’s not dead. It’s not dead. It’s a black eye from exposure to FTX and its associated scammers, it’s wrist It broke, but judging by the data, the chances of survival seem very high, especially when you compare it to all the other cryptocurrency projects that are literally not very active today.”

The famous crypto analyst argues that he views cryptocurrencies as largely Darwinian in nature, or that the “best fit” crypto projects with the best technology and the best leaders will survive:

“Remember, crypto is Darwinist. The question is, ‘Who will survive? The strongest always survive and the strongest have things like lower wages, highest TPS (transactions per second), most decentralized, best leadership. are the ones.”

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