The analyst, known in the market as Cantering Clark, tells his 142,300 Twitter followers that smart contract platform Solana (SOL) is poised for a move that could trigger a strong rise from current prices. According to the analyst, looking at the technical data is enough for you to see it.

SOL has managed to break through the critical resistance ahead and could start a big bull run. The daily chart looks good. On-chain data also points to the uptrend. Looking at the analyst's chart, the next major resistance for Solana appears to be near $75. SOL is currently trading at $47.54. According to Cantering Clark, SOL could register a 60% price increase.


Analyst, who also examines the data in Bitcoin, claims that BTC follows the price movement in the 2017 bull market. According to the analyst, Bitcoin could fall back to the $20,000 level. This could be BTC's bottom in the short term. Drawing attention to historical data, the analyst emphasizes that we are approaching the end of the bear market. Cantering Clark points out that during the 2017 bull market, Bitcoin gained over 11,000% from the bottom. In the 2021 bull run, Bitcoin recorded an increase of about 2,000%. His analyst also warns traders planning to short-sell Bitcoin due to its poor performance over the past few weeks. According to the analyst, BTC will rise to highs again in the long run.

Sam Bankman-Fried Announces Supporting Solana

A day after the Solana ecosystem faced a massive attack, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried announced his support for SOL. In a recent interview with the famous magazine Fortune, SBF said that Solana is currently the most important cryptocurrency that has not seen the value it deserves, despite the problems it is experiencing. The manager noted that despite all the setbacks, Solana successfully solved 2/3 of its technological problems.

Sam Bankman-Fried

The famous CEO also added that he is confident that SOL will overcome the remaining problems. During the interview, the head of the SBF said:

   "Solana has gone through a difficult process and testing. If there was another ecosystem in SOL's place, it would have gone bankrupt by now. It was an important way of understanding what needed to be fixed in the ecosystem. Sometimes, for a perfect system, you have to push the limits."