Analyst: “Solana Should Rise Above $30”

The anonymous server of InvestAnswers says in a new video that the number of daily active addresses on Solana rivals that of Ethereum, but is currently only worth 1/25 of the market cap of ETH.

Solana trades a lot more. People active on the network are much more active, and DApps (decentralized applications) have a wider scope. And this crazy thing is mind-blowing, but sometimes markets can be irrational.

The analyst states that Solana should be worth at least 1/10 of the market cap of Ethereum. However, while saying this, he ignores the huge lock openings to be made in 2025 and the problems caused by the liquidity leaving the network. TVL has dropped drastically and Solana has rivals at least as strong as Ethereum. Only in the last 1 year, strong competitors such as Aptos, SUI have emerged that can overthrow it. This makes investors who want to buy SOL Coins doubt about the future.

Ethereum’s market cap is hovering around $227.5 billion, so 1/10 of that would be around $22.75 billion. Solana’s market cap is currently $8.1 billion, so reaching 1/10 of Ethereum’s market cap would equate to about a 3-fold jump.

It’s hard to say exactly where this could lead, as there is no solid trading pattern between the two, as there are literally, as I mentioned earlier, the SOL, the FTX debacle, etc. It’s been bleeding against ETH last year. It’s just going bad. It needs to debut and that means it needs to go above $30.”

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