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Analyst Shares Short-Term Targets for BTC, ETH and ARB

Long-awaited levels have arrived in Bitcoin and Ethereum, with BTC over $30,000 and ETH over $2,000. While investors who do not believe in this rise are waiting for a decrease, the popular crypto money bull Andrew Kang revised his Bitcoin and Ethereum forecasts in January.

By quoting his January forecasts, Kang shared an encrypted share of 38k, 3.8k and 3.8, and this share was interpreted as his targets for BTC, ETH and Arbitrum (ARB). Because Andrew Kang added a picture of Ed Felten, the co-founder of the Arbitrum project, in his post. Accordingly, the analyst, who also increased his predictions after the last rally, predicts that BTC will be $ 38,000, ETH will be $ 3,800, and ARB will be $ 3.8. However, it should be noted that these are not just guesses.

BitMEX former CEO Arthur Hayes suggested that the altcoin season has started after the recent bullish movement in Ethereum (ETH). Arthur Hayes, one of the former names of the cryptocurrency market, announced in a recent social media post that the altcoin season has begun. Hayes, who shared a chart showing the rise of Ethereum in his post, made the following statements:

After the Shanghai update was successfully completed on April 13, Ethereum, which showed a serious upward performance, rose more than 10% in the last 3 days. In the past bulls, Bitcoin has always acted as a pioneer, and then the sudden and strong rises of Ethereum carried altcoins up along with it. Hayes also thinks that this trend will most likely be repeated in the past and believes that altcoins may show remarkable performances in the coming period.

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