Analyst Shares DOGE and HBAR Forecast

Popular crypto trader known as Credible Crypto says that Bitcoin (BTC) will make massive gains in 2023 before altcoins enter their exuberant phase. Credible claims that capturing DOGE at 0.05 will yield up to 20x earnings.

Ive never bought $DOGE before. But I do think that if my thesis plays out and $BTC makes a new ATH this year, the mother of all alt seasons will follow and you can bet $DOGE will have its place in that. I’ll make my first buy if price comes down to my area of interest- below .05.

While many analysts are waiting for a long period of consolidation before a real bull run, Credible is adamant that BTC is about to make a parabolic rally to all-time highs by the end of this year. Credible says he expects capital to flow out of altcoins and into BTC during the rally and flow back into BTC after BTC breaks its new high.

The popular crypto trader also shared his views on Hedera (HBAR):

Finally tapped into the green zone that I was looking for in my last update. $BTC must hold 28k’s for $HBAR to hold this level as well. If not, may get a chance at some .05 HBAR again.

I wouldn’t be selling $HBAR at these levels for a chance at .05 that may never come.

However, I would be setting bids between .05-.06 to add to spot holdings in case we DO get that chance.

Higher timeframes still exceptionally bullish so in the grand scheme of things this is noise (unless you’re actively hunting for spots to add to your holdings).

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