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Analyst: Cardano Broke Historic Milestone

Dan Gambardello, founder of Crypto Capital Venture, said that Cardano is better positioned than Ethereum after Cardano surpassed the 4 million wallet milestone. Dan Gambardello believes it’s a historic turning point that shows the potential for a massive increase in the ADA price up to $15. Dan Gambardello explained why this is so important in a new YouTube video.

After his previous analysis to accurately predict the ADA high of $3, Dan Gambardello once again used Ethereum data to predict the price of ADA. According to his analysis, Ethereum reached 4 million wallets with a market cap of $21 billion in 2017, while Cardano reached the milestone of 4 million wallets with a market capitalization of $12 billion. In its bull run, Ethereum reached a market cap of 125 billion and Cardano reached a market capitalization of $ 91 billion.

Gambardello predicts that the ADA price will reach $15 in the next bull market and its market cap will reach around $500 billion. Gambardello believes Cardano-related developments are compatible with Ethereum and sees Cardano as a better blockchain.

I’m not even discussing the basics here. I’m not even discussing what Cardano does as a blockchain. Last time I made this video, Shelly wasn’t even here, the staking mechanism for Cardano wasn’t even here yet, the Mary hard fork, the wealthy Ledger, Alonzo and smart contracts weren’t even here yet.

Dan Gambardello stated that Cardano now has scalability and better projects after the Vasil hard fork, and more innovations are coming to the Cardano network.

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