While the crypto money market is having bad days, some analysts are trying to predict long-term opportunity purchases from this situation. Analyst Tom from CryptoBusy, the popular youtube channel with more than 200 thousand subscribers, also announced 5 different altcoins that he will follow in 2022.

In the video published on the CryptoBusy channel, Analyst Tom told his followers about 5 Metaverse Altcoins that they can invest in. Tom talked about the price action and why these coins could be good investments for 2022.

crypto busy tom

Torum (XTM)

Torum (XTM) is at the top of Tom's list. Torum stands out as a Metaverse ecosystem developed for cryptocurrency users and projects. The analyst states that this ecosystem connects cryptocurrency users globally. Currently ranked 925th in the world's largest cryptocurrencies ranking, the altcoin is trading at $0.22 and has a market cap of $12 million.

torum tom

Ethernity Chain (ERN)

Ethernity Chain (ERN) ranks second in the altcoin list published by Tom on the CryptoBusy channel. The blockchain-based platform enables users to work on NFTs. In the Ethernity Chain ecosystem, all NFTs can be traded on-chain. ERN ranks 454th in the world's largest cryptocurrencies ranking with a market capitalization of $67 million.

ethernity tom

Polychain Monsters (PMON)

The third cryptocurrency that the analyst mentioned is Polychain Monsters (PMON). PMON is a blockchain-based game with mechanics similar to Pokemon card games from the 90s. With a market cap of only $14.3 million, the altcoin is currently trading at $4.3 and ranks 851th among the world's largest cryptocurrencies.

polychain tom

The Sandbox (SAND)

A blockchain-based virtual world, The Sandbox allows users to generate, buy and sell digital assets in the form of a game. Using DAO and NFTs, SAND has created an exciting platform for the gaming world. The altcoin project, which performed well, draws attention with its market value of approximately 3 billion dollars.


Verasity (VRA)

Verasity (VRA) is last on the analyst's list. The altcoin, which creates a Twitch-like video sharing system, aims to ensure that publishers earn a fair income and advertisers are entitled to their spending. With a market value of $94 million, Verasity ranks 391st among the world's largest cryptocurrencies, trading at approximately $0.02.