Some analysts in the crypto market claim that the rise that will start from this bottom will be very serious and the cycle of cryptos will change. "A Chain of Blocks" claims that it predicts 10x for these 3 altcoins that have fallen, and that an altcoin will continue to decline as well.

The first altcoin suggested by the analyst is SifChain (EROWAN). SifChain, being a DEX token, allows investors to borrow money from the liquidity pool. At the time of this writing, EROWAN is trading at around $0.165, up over 5% in the last 24 hours. In addition, EROWAN draws attention with a weekly increase of 25% and a monthly increase of 50%. The analyst points out that SifChain was built using the Cosmos SDK. Cosmos collaborated with Ethereum and allowed cross-chain swaps. The analyst states that at this point, SifChain will see great adoption and can multiply its price by up to 10x.


The second altcoin that the analyst mentioned is Ethereum (ETH), which has already proven itself and is one of the giants of the industry. It is also noteworthy that Ethereum is the first altcoin that comes to mind when DeFi is mentioned, and all the liquidity in DeFi is in ETH. The analyst also underlines that in the first quarter of 2022, Ethereum's network revenue increased substantially. In addition, the analyst reports that with The Merge merger and the completion of the PoS transition, Ethereum will reach the arch and must be stocked without it.


The last altcoin suggested by the analyst is Polkadot (DOT). The analyst argues that DOT's ATH will return to $54 and even surpass it. Emphasizing that Polkadot's ecosystem is developing faster than others, the analyst also draws attention to the increase in DOT's hedge funds. At the time of this writing, the DOT is trading at around $14.89, up 1.4% in the last 24 hours.

In addition to these suggestions, the analyst says that investors should be careful about Fantom (FTM) and it may decline. Fantom has reached its lowest point in its eight-month period. The analyst states that this is worrying and has lost its peg to the dollar. In addition, the analyst thinks that these decreases will trigger more investors and this trend will accelerate and FTM will gradually lose its value.