Analyst Reveals Predictions for APT, LINK and FET

Cryptocurrency analyst known as Altcoin Sherpa, in his statements on Twitter, stated that Layer-1 blockchain and Ethereum (ETH) rival Aptos will likely follow a dynamic price path in the coming weeks. According to altcoin Sherpa, APT may witness an upside boom once Bitcoin (BTC) takes a breather. Also, the expert said that in the short term, he expects Aptos to trade between $10 and $13.75.

“$APT: Expecting a lot of altcoins to look something like this. Chop fest and not really do a whole lot compared to #Bitcoin Once $BTC takes a break, these altcoins fly (probably a few weeks)”

Then, Altcoin Sherpa took up Chainlink (LINK), stating that the cryptocurrency will follow a horizontal path between about $9.50 and the lowest $5.50 for about a year.

$LINK: This shitcoin has been ranging for nearly a year. I’m going to buy after the breakout, not a day before. I learned my lesson last time.

However, Altcoin Sherpa is examining (FET), an artificial intelligence-focused crypto project. The cryptocurrency analyst believes that FET is currently facing bullish fatigue and could see a significant devaluation.

$FET: I think this one goes to .26 or lower, that’s the next area of liquidity IMO. Overall trend looks tired. We shall see if the AI narrative has more legs.

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