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Analyst: Opportunity Levels for Bitcoin, Ethereum and 2 Altcoins

Michael van de Poppe, one of the well-known analysts of the cryptocurrency market, shared his new analysis. According to Poppe, some cryptocurrencies have levels that offer opportunities to traders.

Michael van de Poppe, in a statement to his 645,800 followers on Twitter, says there will be a “big opportunity” for Ethereum (ETH) in the coming days. According to him, a critical level will present an opportunity to enter the market for investors who have not yet stepped into the ETH market.

“My area of interest in ETH. The bottoms coming now before a new relief rally will be the best opportunities. If you haven’t entered the market yet, there is a great opportunity.”

According to the chart shared by the analyst, investors should not miss this opportunity when ETH hits $1,460. In other words, ETH will drop to this level and present a new buying opportunity. Then it will rise.

Van de Poppe similarly draws attention to the $21,100-$21,300 region for Bitcoin. According to him, now is the time for the Bitcoin price to jump. But it can’t go very far from here. He says there’s been a period of some relief on the Nasdaq in particular.

The next altcoin the analyst is looking at is Fetch.ai (FET). This artificial intelligence-focused crypto project has made a remarkable rally in recent days.

“FET price looks good to go long around $0.16 or $0.19-0.20.”

Finally, there is Litecoin (LTC) on Van de Poppe’s list. According to him, the movements of LTC are partially dependent on Bitcoin. The $76 zone on the analyst’s chart indicates a strong opportunity situation.

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