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Analyst Marked This Date For Rally

While the rise in the crypto money market makes investors hope for a potential bull, analysts’ expectations are rising, especially for BTC. The host of the InvestAnswers YouTube channel said in a recent video that Bitcoin is in bullish mode.

Stating that he expected a rally before the halving event in Bitcoin, which is expected to take place in 2024, the analyst claimed that he could easily enter a 3x rally before the Bitcoin halving event. Stating that strong BTC rallies usually precede the Bitcoin halving event, the analyst thinks that BTC can reach $ 63,000 by March 2024.

“Historically, Bitcoin starts accumulating 15 months before the next halving. The next halving is expected to be in April or May 2024. Now the date is November 2022, and this halving is 15 months away. My reviews and technical calculations put Bitcoin in March 2024. “Fourteen months, a year and a little over a quarter from now, not a long time. Bitcoin could triple and do a lot more after that.”

Volatility Alert from Santiment

In the coming days, a share came from popular on-chain data provider Santiment about what will be the state of the cryptocurrency markets. Saying that huge crypto whales trading over $100,000 are on the rise, according to on-chain data, Santiment said he expects big market moves:

“Whales have been busy Monday following the weekend volatility. Perhaps most significant of the assets seeing increased $100k+ whale transactions are #Tether and #USDCoin. With large buying power moving, major market movement should continue.”

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