Will Clemente tweeted that he shared his views on the price of Bitcoin, which has risen above $ 20 thousand again. In his tweet, he listed 4 items that could cause Bitcoin's rise.

Bitcoin Chart by Analyst Will Clemente

Will Clemente, on his Twitter account, marked the critical points on the Bitcoin graph and said why it should be on the rise. In his post, the analyst states that the unexpected correction in the latest Bitcoin will appear in a similar way in the future.

   "Think market is underweight BTC

- Several weeks of open interest with negative funding and backwardation engulfed in 1 candle

- Successful test of demand in Coinbase orderbook

- BTC dominance bouncing off 2018 support

- Commodities rolling over, CPI likely lower than expected"





Negative funding and withdrawals of Bitcoin futures showed how much Bitcoin derivatives were selling. With the emergence of purchasing power, there was a slight short-term squeeze that caused Bitcoin to climb above $21,000 in just one day.

Will Clemente also lists why Bitcoin should rise as follows; The successful test of demand on the Coinbase order book is the lower-than-expected BTC price, commodity prices and CPI rates approaching support in 2018.

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The most rising cryptocurrencies in the Top 100 of the week were: LUNA, USTC, RVN, LUNC and RPL...

With the increased interest of investors in LUNA during the week and the subsequent purchases, the LUNA price, which was at the level of 1.79, increased by 231.6 percent to $ 6.14. The market volume is over 2 billion dollars. USTC, which has been steadily rising throughout the week, grew 90.4 percent and is trading at $ 0.060. The current market cap is $183 million. Although RVN lost its rise in the last 24 hours, its price rose to $ 0.051 with 80.2 percent growth during the week. The market volume is close to 155 million dollars. It is not known whether LUNC, which turned the crypto market upside down in the middle of this year, is close to getting rid of its abundant zeros, but it is a fact that it has grown by 71.9 percent this week. The current price of LUNC, which is $ 0.0004, has a market cap of $ 1.5 billion. RPL, whose price rose from $ 23 to $ 35 during the week, is among the most rising cryptocurrencies with its growth of 47.2. The market cap is currently around $5 million.