Analyst: “It Will Rise For at Least 1 Month”

The search for direction continues in Bitcoin (BTC). On the other hand, the famous crypto analyst and trader Bluntz, who is closely followed by crypto money investors, announced that he expects a rise in Bitcoin and made a remarkable assessment for Litecoin (LTC).

Bluntz said that oscillation error patterns (SFPS) are forming on BTC’s daily price chart and on altcoins in a downtrend. The oscillation error pattern that occurs during a downtrend indicates an upward movement when it occurs when prices are falling, and indicates a downward movement when it occurs during an uptrend. According to Bluntz, Bitcoin looks set to rally after breaking through key resistance levels:

Solid sfps forming here on daily for #btc and most majors. i dont think nows the time to be short, that was weeks ago. i think we bounce here but ill be keeping a very close eye ont he next resistances which for me are 28.3k and 29.5k

Bluntz also analyzed Litecoin, which is fast approaching the third block reward halving. The analyst claims that LTC has the potential to move further up based on past price movements:

Think i agree on this, nice little bit of data someone shared with me earlier aswell regarding halving seems like there’s could be solid month- 40 days left of upside based on last 2 halvings, it is small dataset but valuable nonetheless imo.

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