Benjamin Cowen, one of the most popular cryptocurrency analysts, shared his analysis of Bitcoin dominance (BTC.D) with his followers in his latest video content. Cowen compared Bitcoin and altcoins in his new video published today. The analyst thinks that Bitcoin dominance has now made a bottom, and Bitcoin will be more dominant from now on. According to Cowen, BTC.D could exceed 50% by the end of the year.

   "It looks like the bottom for Bitcoin dominance has come. I don't expect it to drop any further. Everyone is talking about a new altcoin rally, but they're wrong. We can't talk about altcoins without a new Bitcoin-led rally."


Cowen expects the start of the next bull season to begin under the leadership of Bitcoin. If the dominance rises, new opportunities will arise for altcoins.

Bitcoin dominance (BTC.D) is a metric used to compare Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies. The index measures Bitcoin's superiority over other cryptocurrencies. The measurement values ​​are formed between 0% and 100%. Crypto investors consider this data in their coin selection. In summary, it is a metric that shows what percentage of the total money in the market is in Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is rising while the BTC.D metric is falling, it means that the market share of altcoins is increasing. This shows that altcoins are more profitable on the rise.

Bear-Bull War Accelerates in Bitcoin

According to the successful data provider CryptoQuant, the bears have made huge BTC transfers to exchanges as of today. The bears selling these Bitcoins after the inflation data have caused the leading cryptocurrency to lose its value tremendously. Although the bulls have withdrawn the BTCs they were buying at this time from the exchanges, it seems that the seller pressure of the bears has prevailed. Although huge investors who want to buy Bitcoin cheaper by lowering its price seem to have won for now, situations may change in the future. Michael Saylor is expected to buy more than 30 thousand BTC in the coming days. Such a purchase could get Bitcoin back on its feet.