Analyst: “Highest Increase in Network Activity in 3 Months”

Cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez drew attention to the increase in SHIB network activity in his statement on Twitter.

Shiba Inu (SHIB), a meme token-based cryptocurrency dubbed the “Dogecoin killer,” is seeing a surge in network activity amid the market-wide partial recovery. According to cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez, the Shiba Inu registered 2,538 new addresses in a single day, showing the highest increase in network activity in the last three months. Network activity in cryptocurrencies can indicate the level of adoption, usage, and demand for a particular coin.

In general, a higher network activity means more people use the coin for various purposes such as payments, transfers, trading or investing. This could also affect the price of the coin, as more demand could lead to higher valuation. However, it should be noted that the increase in an altcoin’s network activity can be caused by many factors, meaning network activity is not always a reliable indicator of a coin’s performance or potential.

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