Analyst Expects Big Rise For These 2 Altcoins

Popular cryptocurrency analyst Smart Contracter has revealed that he expects a massive rally in an altcoin alongside Ethereum (ETH).

Cryptocurrency analyst Smart Contracter, who is known for predicting that Bitcoin will bottom out in 2018, announced that he expects a big rally in an altcoin with Ethereum.

Anonymous cryptocurrency analyst Smart Contracter said on his personal Twitter account that Ethereum is in the final stages of price correction and looks set to rise.

“eth/btc just took out a 6 month low, only 3% lower before my major buy zone. not the circumstances i was expecting this to happen under (i thought eth and btc would be falling but eth moreso) but theres no chance im missing the monster eth rally thats coming.”

Looking at the price chart shared by the analyst, it seems that ETH/BTC is in a downside correction and is about to touch the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement support, which investors see as a possible point for a bounce.

Smart Contracter also announced that it expects a rise in Optimism (OP).

“bullish expanded flat on daily for $OP against usd, btc and eth pairs. looks like one of the alts that will perform very well imo.”

Using Elliott Wave theory, an advanced method of technical analysis that predicts future price movements based on crowd psychology moving in waves, Smart Contracter added that Optimism is at the bottom of the correction and is preparing to move up.

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