Guy, an analyst at the Coin Bureau youtube channel, tells his 2.06 million YouTube subscribers in a new video that SOL prefers tokenomics over NEAR.

   “Tokenomics is where Solana shines. I don't know what they did behind the scenes, but early investors can both sell SOL and not lower its price.

As new as Near Protocol's transaction fee mechanism is, Solana seems to have a better understanding of the long-term effects of things like fee burns, inflation, and staking rewards. There's also nothing stopping Solana from implementing the same transaction fee mechanism. The reason why Solana also wins on the price side is arguably solid tokenomics. Even with its massive market cap, SOL is likely to see more percentage gains than NEAR when the next bull market arrives because it somehow broke the cryptocurrency's tokenomic code.

The wildcard in this prediction is the circulating supply of NEAR, which means that once won, there will be virtually no selling pressure left from Near Protocol's early investors. This could give NEAR the conditions it needs to truly recover once speculative demand returns."

coin bureau guy-1

But the analyst says Solana faced more technical hurdles than NEAR. He says how the two platforms handle their respective challenges will determine which one wins over investors.

   “Which altcoin project will come out on top ultimately depends on how easy it is to resolve these challenges.

I have to admit, Solana faces much bigger hurdles than Neat Protocol. The fact that Solana's blockchain continues to decline even after its developers have promised different fixes indicates that the problems are bigger than they admit or even know…

If Solana's cuts are not addressed, they will eventually kill the project. There's no ignoring that and there's no denying that this is an existential threat that the Near Protocol, or any other major crypto project for that matter, is not facing."

Guy also says that NEAR looks more advantageous than SOL at the moment, but that may change depending on potential problems that may arise in the future, adding:

   “To be fair, Near Protocol is still in the process of introducing the new fragmentation mechanism that could cause a bunch of other issues. Example on the topic: Near Protocol has already discovered a few of these issues after releasing its first four pieces last fall. The thing is, these issues have actually been resolved and That's why I think Near Protocol will rise to the top."