Polygon (MATIC) continues to find buyers at $2.23 at the time of writing. Lark Davis, "And will he see $10 before this year ends?" tried to answer the question.

Mirror Protocol (MIR) are rollups solutions that Polygon will also implement and reveal. This means they can run across chains and have different solutions on top of Ethereum. Analyst Davis told his followers that more would be heard about the zero-knowledge proof (ZK). Months later, Polygon and many projects started to make serious investments in this regard.

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The following statement was made from the Polygon official twitter account. This may be the first good news to feed the price. Davis takes this matter very seriously.

   "Mir's amazing team has developed the world's fastest ZK scaling technology; we join hands to use it and create Polygon Zero, a highly scalable, Ethereum-compatible ZK Aggregation."

Spencer Noon says that 0x Polygon bridges have seen $500 million in inflows in the last 7 days, half a billion dollars has gone from other chains to Polygon, and currently dwarfs all other blockchain bridges. Vitalik Buterin, on the other hand, recently mentioned that these bridges can cause great losses. A lot of money comes into the Polygon ecosystem because people using this ecosystem are given a very good user experience.

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In the year ended, Polygon had over 100 million wallets, over 3,000 apps. More than a billion transactions were processed on Polygon and they created 6 new solutions for the network. Only 15% of Polygon users also have addresses on Ethereum, meaning 85% of new Polygon users choose Polygon. Polygon welcomed 7200 new developers in December.

Sold 50,000 NFTs based on Polygon. Polygon has more than 10,000 NFT collections, 15 billion total assets, 80+ active games, 2.5 billion dollars in NFT trading volume.

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UniSwap, the world's largest decentralized exchange, is now live on Polygon. The largest NFT market is OpenSea, and one of the largest metaverses, The Sandbox, is also coming to Polygon. Polygon is releasing EIP 1559, the write mechanism introduced by Ethereum, and is currently working on the testnet.

Popular analyst Lark Davis says that taking all this into account, the $10 target is possible.