Analyst Comments on LTC, FTM and FET

Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe addressed investors of the biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin and two altcoins. Saying that Bitcoin is moving in a downtrend, the analyst shared critical levels for the altcoins that follow.

Cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe told his more than 640,000 Twitter followers that BTC is in a “downtrend” after two harsh rejections:

“Still in a downtrend. It got harsh rejections at $16,800 and $16,600. It looks like we’re retesting the region around $16,400 in Bitcoin. If it goes up from here, the US should bounce up. Otherwise, $16,200. we fall.”

Van de Poppe, who moved to Litecoin (LTC) on the altcoins front after Bitcoin, said, “Litecoin got there faster than I expected. It is approaching ideal buying zones.” says.

The cryptocurrency analyst also analyzed Layer 1 Blockchain and the Fantom altcoin, identifying two key price levels for FTM. According to Van de Poppe, the key resistance level in FTM that needs to be broken is $0.2025. The key support level to hold on to is $0.1990.

Finally, Van de Poppe, who went to Fetch.ai, which he has been following closely for a while, said that the artificial intelligence-focused Blockchain seemed strong before that and said, “I shared this here before, it tested the fall again, but it did not fall until the region I wanted to take, and escaped. If the market remains stable, it will most likely continue to run away. FET is a strong example.” had used the words.

In his latest analysis for FET, Van de Poppe stated that the artificial intelligence-focused Blockchain has finally reached the level he expected, “The deal is done, it has reached the level and there has been a strong leap in FET.” said.

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