Famous crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe made a statement regarding several altcoin projects, as well as the blockchain industry, which he says is experiencing massive adoption.

In a new tweet, the popular analyst presented a chart of the decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK)'s price action going back to September 2020 to his more than 500,000 Twitter followers, explaining:

   "Let me repeat the question. If the chart is similar to this, and if oracles are sorely needed in DeFi [decentralized finance], LINK is by far the largest. Interested in selling or buying the underlying asset?"


The next altcoin on Van de Poppe's radar is Ankr (ANKR), which leverages Web 3.0 to simplify native protocol cross-chain interaction and staking. The famous trader spoke as follows on the subject:

   "There are very important support levels in this range and below it. If it breaks the $0.10 point, it's time to party."


Last on the chart guru's altcoin list is the Reserve Rights Token (RSR), an anti-inflation project that bundles baskets of tokenized assets. The RSR has been on a slow downtrend for several months now, regarding the RSR, Van de Poppe asks:

   "If the chart was like this, would you be interested in buying or selling the underlying asset?"


Van de Poppe ends the tweetstorm by highlighting that the smart contract platform Avalanche (AVAX) has grown significantly. Such a massive adoption has the potential to increase the value of Layer 1 blockchain projects tenfold:

   “Accounts created daily on Avalanche have reached a new [all-time high] with over 500k accounts created. Adoption? Yes. The market is growing even faster. It's accelerating. Layer-1s can easily increase by 10x and the perspectives they have are eye-opening. Given this, they have a fair value at this point.”