Analyst: BTC Will Rise To This Level By This Date

Many crypto investors are now waiting for Bitcoin to surpass the $ 30,000 resistance and altcoins to rise again. The fact that BTC remains below the $ 30,000 resistance also affects altcoins. BTC, which started the year 2023 very well, has lost some of the rises in the bull trend as of now. In the next week, there may be new rises in BTC.

Coosh Alemzadeh, a crypto entrepreneur and analyst, shared a new analysis on his Twitter account. Alemzadeh’s latest analysis has caught the attention of investors. Stating that Bitcoin (BTC) will rise to the level of 140,000 dollars until August 1, Alemzadeh expects a massive collapse to the level of 5 thousand dollars after this rise.

Although the mega bull in Bitcoin is much more likely to start in 2024, according to the market cycle, Alemzadeh believes market makers will turn the corner. The latest prediction of Coosh Alemzadeh, who examines the long-term movements of BTC according to the Elliot wave theory, excited the investors.

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