Analyst: “BTC Price Won’t Drop To $10,000 But…”

Cryptocurrency analyst Jason Pizzino says that the Bitcoin price is unlikely to see the bottom of 2022. The analyst, who shared a new video with 281,000 subscribers on Youtube, says that BTC may fall further from the current level. However, he still claims that this decline will not be below the 2022 low of around $ 15,500.

“We haven’t gotten far from the $10,000 level. But the market is making progress and a potential higher low may start here. Although the market is still open to bearish, it will bounce back. $18,000 will create a higher low by visiting $19,000 or $20,000. It’s a sign of strength. Higher low shows it’s strong.”

Analyst Jason Pizzino says that the possibility of a drop in the price of Bitcoin to $ 10,000 will disappear over time. According to him, the leading cryptocurrency must break above the August 2022 peak of around $25,000. The analyst once again says that he expects higher low in Bitcoin price. In that case, the possibility of dropping to $10,000 in the next month or two is completely out of the question.

“Once there is a break above $25,000, the event will end. Also, investors who expect $10,000, $12,000 or Bitcoin to drop to $14,000 will have a hard time. Even those waiting for $15,000 to be tested will have a hard time.”

The crypto analyst also states that this bull thesis will be invalid if there is a break below $18,000. According to him, $18,000 is the critical level to be protected.

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