Analyst Breaks His Silence: “New Lows Are Still Likely”

As of 2022, sharp declines occurred in the crypto money industry. During these declines, the predictions made by the analyst named Crypto Capo became very popular among investors. Capo, who made many point-and-shoot predictions, attracted the attention of investors during this period.

2023 has started very badly for Crypto Capo. Capo, who repeated many times that Bitcoin (BTC) would collapse from $ 17 thousand, 18 thousand or even 20 thousand dollars to 12 thousand dollars, was silent in all of these predictions. Recently, Crypto Capo tweeted.

“Despite all the noise, I know that the vast majority of those who follow me are genuine and good people. And these deserve an update:

This time away from Twitter has been very good and necessary. I’m totally fine, enjoying my personal life. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest.

Price broke 25k but altcoins didn’t follow and they are at major resistances. My system keeps telling me that the move from the lows is a highly manipulated move (mostly with BUSD and USDC) and soon the truth will come out. And when that happens…

I remain bearish and fully out of the market. New lows are still likely.”

Expecting sharp drops in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) in the future, Capo believes that the bear season is still not over.

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