Analyst: “Bitcoin Bull Market Continues”

Cryptocurrency analyst Jason Pizzino claimed that the bull market continues in the most optimal way despite the recent stagnation in Bitcoin (BTC). According to Pizzino, Bitcoin bulls are waiting for a significant threshold to be crossed to take action.

Pizzino noted that Bitcoin’s bull market cycle started around January and continues to take shape. According to Pizzino, bull market beginnings may not always be so clear-cut, and when things become clear, it can often be a sign of the end. In this case, retail investors step in and everyone is excited to enter the market. Pizzino stated that Bitcoin exceeding the $ 28,500 level would confirm the bull market cycle more convincingly.

According to Pizzino, the market has spent little time below $25,000 and he is waiting for the $26,550 level to be surpassed for the bulls to make their move. He stated that exceeding the $28,500 level is a key level for Bitcoin to start consolidating above and move lower and then try to break $32,000.

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