Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) To Present The Last Deal Soon

Many investors waited for the price to drop as low as $12,000 in mid-November for their long-term goals. But he couldn’t get it from here. Analyst Timothy Peterson, on the other hand, heralded that the last opportunity for investors to buy Bitcoin is approaching. According to the analyst, the last chance to buy Bitcoin (BTC) at an attractive price will come to investors in the fall of 2023. Since the crypto market has been in a bearish trend for nearly two years, there has been speculation as to what the best price to buy Bitcoin will be before a new bull rally begins.

Timothy Peterson, investment manager at Cane Island Alternative Advisors, says Bitcoin could drop below $25,000 before the end of September 2023. Peterson believes there will be a period of great opportunity before this year ends. If he is right, investors can get a great buying opportunity in altcoins as well. Moreover, this can be exciting as many altcoins have not strayed far enough from their historic lows.

I believe Bitcoin could drop below $25,000 before the end of September. This will be the last big drop before the next big bull run cycle begins.

The Bitcoin analyst also made a prediction that the cryptocurrency could surpass the $100,000 level by spring 2026. According to the analyst, the Bitcoin price has less than a thousand days to reach the six-digit price.

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